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Cumberland Mountain State Park is situated on the Cumberland Plateau, a segment of the great upland, which extends from western New York to central Alabama. It is said to be the largest timbered plateau in America. Cumberland Mountain State Park began as part of the greater Cumberland Homesteads Project, a New Deal-era initiative by the Resettlement Administration that helped relocate poverty-stricken families on the Cumberland Plateau to small farms centered on what is now the Cumberland Homestead community. This 1,720-acre park was acquired in 1938 to provide a recreational area for some 250 families selected to homestead on the Cumberland Plateau.

Friends of CMSP raise money solely for the benefit of the park.
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Historic Renovation Opportunity

By Laurie Snyder Secretary of Friends of CMSP

Thank you to all that donated to renovate the CCC tables. It is so heartening to know that this community steps up to help when a need for their local state park is presented. We appreciate their willingness to honor the CCC history of our park. It only took 8 days from the date it hit the newspaper and social media ads.

On May 6th, members alongside Park Manager Chip Hillis and Ranger Mark Houston met at shelter 4 for snacks and an impromptu meeting. Members and two folks who walked up donated at that event $1,760 !! One check from a stranger was for $1,000!  So our total with mail in checks, earmarked donation box donations, & PayPal  is $2,620.

Also many thanks to the community response to our campaign to supply all the food for the aviary for a year.  In 10 weeks, we had $6,700 and several nice notes about how people love those birds! It looks like we will finish the fiscal year using up all of that amount June 30th.


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